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About Us

Bhakti Shyama Care Centre is spiritually cultivated to provide dedicated care to Gujarati residents. This is the only care centre in the country providing this very specialised care services for Gujarati community. 

This care centre provides 24-hour nursing and dementia care for the elderly. It has a specialist Hindu Culture ethnic group. A place that is unique in its cultural diversity. The home is located in a residential street and conveniently served by public transport. There are many local amenities including the neighbouring Radha Krishna Temple Shyama Ashram.

The Centre is fully adopted to meet the Hindu elders needs. Regular prayers are televised from the Hindu temple adjoining the Centre; their cultural and social need take presidence. Gujarati and Hindi speaking staff will fully respect and understand their strict dietary needs.

This care home only caters for vegetarians and vegans, cooked in the most tradiational manner.

The home is the Eleventh Care Facility provided by Abbey Total Care Group Limited in London and will support of the need for the growing elderly Gujarati community in and around greater London. The centre will provide care to 25 residents. Details of our homes can be found here.

"Bhakti Shyama Care Centre is currently working towards a Gold Standard Framework"

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